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Who We Are

Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and
every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food –Genesis 1:29, (NIV).

Jah-Jireh Herbal Limited is a divinely inspired natural health and wellness company located in the beautiful Caribbean Island of Jamaica. We are changing lives and helping others to enjoy better health with our herbal nutritional supplements for common lifestyle illnesses. Many associate Jamaica with Blue Mountain Coffee and reggae music but there are hidden treasures right in our backyards that can help you ward off illnesses and live healthier lives. Jamaica has been blessed with over 350 species of native herbs and plants and Jah-Jireh Herbal has been divinely inspired according to Genesis 1:29, to utilize these herbs to help you enjoy a better quality of life.  Jah-Jireh is truly unparalleled when it comes to the innovation, production and retailing of over 30 nutritional supplements that have been making a significant difference in people’s lives all over the world. Watch some of our clients testimonies and see for yourself.

We are committed to building a solid business structure, which can support the vision and
mission of becoming a global business that supplies high quality and effective Nutritional Supplements at competitive prices; provide business and job opportunities to drive economic growth, to ensure the longevity of the company and profitable returns on investment.

To formulate innovative products that benefit the human race.

All things are possible – Believe.


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When Was The Company Found?

Jah-Jireh Herbal was registered with the Companies Office of Jamaica on December 4, 2017.

What does Jah-Jireh Mean?

Jah-Jireh is the shortened version for Jehovah-Jireh, with interpretation – the God who foresees provides. This was extrapolated from the story of Abraham on Mount Moriah, after Yahovah tested his faith and provided the sacrificial ram, in place of his son Genesis 22:14.

When should I stop taking Jah-Jireh?

You can stop taking Jah-Jireh products after the desired results are achieved. However, we recommend that you consider taking certain products at intervals, as dietary health supplements for ongoing maintenance.

Are Jah-Jireh Herbal products eco-friendly products?

As much as possible we consciously play our part to protect the environment by using eco-friendly naturally-derived biodegradable ingredients which are free from the contamination of chemicals.

How do the products work?

Jah-Jireh Herbal nutritional super food supplements, are absorbed by the consumer to provide the body the support it needs, to effectively reverse Global Hidden Hunger deficiencies and to stimulate the production of the master antioxidant Glutathione. This antioxidant activates the natural stem cell repair process and promotes healing, to put disease in remission for the body to heal itself.

What ingredients are used by Jah-Jireh Herbal?

Jah-Jireh uses natural ingredients, 80% of which are grown in Jamaica and 20 % imported.

How long does it take for Jah-Jireh to work?

You may feel or see improvements anywhere between 2 hours to 14 Days, depending on the type of disease, severity nutrient depletion levels, metabolism and absorption rate of your body. However, for optimum results, we recommend that you take the combination of products recommended for at least 90 days and do an assessment thereafter.

Do you offer Volume Discounts?

Jah-Jireh Herbal offers volume discounts that are strategically structured as follows:- VIP Customers: Points are earned based on purchase; points can be used for the purchase of our goods/services.
Retail Volume Purchasers 5% – 7% retail purchases of at least 12, purchased at one time; larger purchases may attract higher discounts. Distributors (Channel, Brick and Mortar) Third party retailers, will be automatically billed in the respective tiers according to the amount of goods being purchased on the day of invoicing.
***Conditions Apply

How do I know which products to buy?

To determine your needs and guide your purchase decisions, Jah-Jireh Herbal has strategically designed and aligned the products within our nutrition protocol application, to the specific health issues/diseases which may be causing/affecting your health status. Once this is confirmed, you can then proceed with ordering our user-friendly products.

How do I know the application for each Product?

Jah-Jireh Herbal products names are designed to be user-friendly for the customer, for example, Asthma Vita is for Asthma, Fibrox for Fibroids, ProsX for Prostate, Flu Vita for Flu, Endo Vita for the Endocrine System, Colon Vita for Colon, Cancer Vita/CanTum for cancer, Herat Vita for the Heart and circulatory system etc.

When is the best time to take the supplements?

Take supplements at least 30 minutes before a meal or at least 1 hour after finishing a meal.

When is Customize Blend necessary?

Customize Blend is recommended only when persons are assessed/or confirmed to have a severe disease i.e., stage 3 or 4 cancer, Stroke, Heart attack, Prostate, Pulmonary, Respiratory, Lung, Memory failure, Multiple organ failure etc., which requires a higher concentration for speedier recovery.

Can multiple Products be combined as one?

Jah-Jireh Herbal products are designed to create a synergistic effect – which is greater than the sum, to deliver a higher nutrition- download, to promote wellness in persons suffering with multiple organ failure.

Where are Jah-Jireh products manufactured?

Production is facilitated utilizing approved FDA local government operated facilities, that are designed to support these types of product development ventures and adhere to guidelines. These are:- 

Jamaica Business Development Cooperation (JBDC)

Scientific Research Council (SRC)

Are the products effective?

Consumers have testified of their effectiveness and amazing results within 3 to 15 days; some note positive changes within 24 hours. However, results will vary based on the severity of the ailment/ nutrient depletion and or PH balance etc. Therefore, the efficacy of
Jah-Jireh is best measured when compared to other products in its category.

How safe is Jah-Jireh?

Jah-Jireh Herbal food supplements are subject to testing for Nutrition Fact, microbial and salmonella at the Bureau of Standards (BSJ). We can confidently say Jah-Jireh Herbal products are safer than any baby formula, if you compare both Nutrition Facts on the labels.

Meet Our CEO

Martello Melville

Martello Melville is the founder and CEO of Jah Jireh Herbal. He founded the company in 2014 , following a divine encounter he had which revealed to him various herbal formulations for healing. Martello is an engineer, lyricist, music producer , entrepreneur and philanthropist. Through his first divine encounter he was provided with the herbal formula for Breast Cancer. A few years later, he was presented with a formula for HIV/AIDs by an associate who had a similar encounter. It was from this that Martello made the conscious decision to faithfully promote the use of natural remedies in accordance with the biblical direction of Genesis 1:29 through his brand Jah Jireh Herbal.

CEO Martello Melville with The Hon. Minister Aubyn Hill
Martello with Min Ed Bartlett
CEO Martello Melville with The Hon. Minister Edmund Bartlett
Martello with Min Ed Bartlett 2
CEO Martello Melville with The Hon. Minister Edmund Bartlett
CEO Martello Melville with The Hon. Minister Aubyn Hill

Our Production

We take great care in ensuring that are products are perfectly packaged and in accordance with local FDA standards. Below is a look into our manufacturing process.

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YahSolutions Foundation

YahSolutions Foundation is a registered charity #CA100-1555C